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Cosmetology – 1500 hours 

Theory and lab-clinic practical hours
All hours taught incorporate textbook, workbooks, videos, demonstrations’,
reinforce by reading, testing and practical practice on the clinic floor with
clients.   In addition guest speakers, demonstrators and vendors are invited to
attend and enhance each component we find that lends itself to a better
understanding and teaching of such subjects. 

You are taught theory classes and clinical floor practice-lab.  All contribute
to you being able to have an academic knowledge, understanding and ability to
demonstrate the art and science of Cosmetology to obtain a state license for
Cosmetology employment.
Each named class is taught from the text then demonstrated and practiced on the
floor to learn techniques and application of what was reviewed in theory.  On
the clinic floor we review “do you recognize type hair, scalp condition of skin,
direction to aim blow dryer etc…”

Theory hours

Clinic hours

Lesson-what is learned



Hair/scalp treatment -Properties of the Hair and Scalp composition of the hair, hair shapes, distribution, growth, and density.



Shampoo/Hairstyling - Shampoo/draping, draping for shampoo-chemical and dry hair, rinsing and conditioning, Scalp Manipulations, Detangle hair, parting the Hair, Hair Design, Blow drying/Styling, Curling iron sets, Shaping’s Horizontal, Vertical, 8 o’clock, 4 o’clock Pin curl on base, off base, semi stand, full stand, Roller placement on base, off base, volume, radial motion, spiral, Italian top, side
bang, explosion, basic set, French roll, finger wave, Teasing/back brushing/back combing, braid and braid extensions.



Tinting - Color patch test, Color retouch, Color first time color Semi and permanent colors, Take Red hair color to Brown, Take Gold hair tone to Beige, Take Brown hair to Black, Removing coatings, predisposition test, single process tint for darkening, double process tint, and fillers



Bleaching/Frost - Frosting, heavy, streaks, hair painting, heavy, medium, light, Foiling, heavy, medium, light Toning frosted or foiled hair, action of hair lighteners, effects of lighteners, safety precautions, and spot lightening.



Temporary Rinses -  Acids types, acid balances,
ingredients, application and effect, chunk and tri color, some of the chemistry and products are introduced.



Semi-Color - Types, application, classifications, color theory- law of color test for metallic salts and coating dyes, test for allergy.



Permanent Waving-Chemical Relaxing - Chemical waving history,  Acid balance perms, Permanent weaving, cold waves, alkaline perms, body waves,  spiral, piggyback, dropped crown, insertion, candlestick, wrapping patterns, Endwraps single, bookend, double, Saturation, test curl, neutralizing and customer record, clean up of chemical, finger-waving, Relaxers first time-virgin, Relaxers retouch, Relaxers, mild, strong, soft and hard pressing, Thermal straightening press and curl, damage hair from chemical conditioning.



Hair Shaping - Implements used in haircutting, sectioning for cuts, holding hair shaping implements, hair thinning, cutting with scissors, shingling, use of clippers on neckline and entire head, using the razor, and cutting different ethic hair types.



Wig, Hairpieces, Weave - Why people wear wigs, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, ordering, blocking and fitting the wig, cleaning wigs, shaping and coloring, sewing of weave, prep work prior to weave and safety of such.



Manicuring/Pedicuring/Nail Disorders - Manicuring regular, hot oil, paraffin, Nail tips Skin and nail disease, nail malformation, irregularities, structure, bed, matrix, Pedicuring basic, paraffin, skin and nail diseases.



Bacteriology and Sanitation Hygiene Anatomy – Types of bacteriology, classifications of pathogenic bacteria, growth, infections and immunity, methods of sterilization and sanitation, chemical sanitizing agents, safety precautions, rules, Federal, state and local law review, cells growth, tissues, organs systems, bones of skull, neck, chest, arm hand and feet, muscles, nervous system and it’s circulatory system effects, added disorders for
skin, nerves and glands, and functions of the skin.



Facials - Facial waxing, chin, lip, eyebrows, treatments, massage, effleurage, petrissage, friction and vibration of movements, equipment implements and materials, packs
and mask, Make up instruct as to type skin, colors blending and application of such, analyzing facial features and shapes.



Disorders of the Hair and Skin - Skin nourishment, nerves, elasticity, color functions, lesions, disease, oil
glands inflammations and pigmentations, Cantites, ringed hair, hypertrichosis, trichoptilosis, monilethrix, dandruff, alopecia, vegetable parasitic infections, animal parasitic infections and staphylococci infections.



Chemistry and Light Therapy Electricity - Forms of matter, chemical and physical changes, elements, compounds and mixtures, chemistry of water, classifications of shampoos and conditioners,
water purification, using electrical measurements, safety devices, electrotherapy, how light rays are reproduced, infrared rays, and ultra violet rays.



Virginia State Laws - Laws regarding licenses, sanitation and public health, rules and regulations from health departments local and statewide, your personal and professional health, hygiene, care and grooming, effective communications, attitude and professional ethics and public sanitation and sterilization summary.



Dispensary/Reception - Correct and effective client relations, communication, healthy lifestyle, physical presentation of self, analysis of client needs, pricing and judgments on services requested, operations of front desk, clinic floor routine and daily duties and responsibilities, inventory of necessary products, chemicals, colors, shampoos, conditioners, perms and implements, dispensing chemicals and measurements of such, learning policies and procedures, Neatness and clarity, ability to make decisions, Relations with client personnel contact, approach, discussions total communication in cooperative, courteous, and friendly and professional manner, speech and writing for self and client, Review of trustworthy and conscientious, integrity, loyal, sincere, reliable and punctual, Appearance, attire and grooming of self, Interest in self development,
creativity, initiative, dedication and enthusiasm.



Salon Management - Location, written agreements, business plan, regulations, laws and Insurances,
record keeping, planning salon’s layout, business operations, types of ownerships, personnel, selling principles, types of clients, selling products, advertising, marketing, etc.



Review Theory/State Board Testing - Practice State Board testing, written exam review Practical cut/shaping, curl, perm, color, draping, sectioning, comb out, packing
kit for state board with proper implements and products and drapes, towels  and review state board papers and list requirements to bring to state board testing
the day of exam.  Mock state board again and again. 



1500 HOURS



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